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Onur Can Tepe

Onur Can Tepe is a writer, filmmaker, and architect based in Rotterdam. 
His work as an architect designing spaces has expanded into writing and filming where space plays an important role. His films deal with societal matters in relation to natural and built landscapes and they are shown at various film festivals, museums and Biennales. His latest film House of Adaptation narrates the story of an NGO working on climate adaptation moving to Rotterdam and is currently in distribution.


producer & cinematographer
Marcel IJzerman

After graduation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague, Marcel decided to move from fine arts to video production. Since 2013 he has produced and created architectural videos, product videos, event videos, independent videos and documentaries.

He developed an interest for observing objects and spaces, trying to understand the way they are influenced by the movement of light and capturing their ambience. As a result his work reflects tranquility, simplicity and a bit of voyeurism.


List Title

second camera

Dai-We Li, Steven van der Vorm, Marco Lubbers

camera assistant

Koen van Herk


Tjeerd Melchers, Twan Peeters, Simon, Reusink

best boy

Dwight Cooman

make up

Suzanne Pelgrim

location audio

Henk-Jelle de Groot, Freek Vrijhof, Dennis van Rijswijk, Ting Fung Cheung, Stella Happel

drone cinematography

Marcel IJzerman, Luchtfilmproducties, Skytools B.V.


Onur Can Tepe


Maarten Buning, Stan Koch

sound design

Henk-Jelle de Groot

color grading

Marcel IJzerman


Mark Seelen

graphic design

Lisa Brustolin

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