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The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an NGO working on adapting the world to a changing climate. When looking for a place for their headquarters, the city of Rotterdam proposed to donate them a building that will float with the rising sea levels. 
The documentary film takes the viewers on a journey through the minds of all the people that gave life to this project: politicians, designers and builders. Why would you build a floating building in the middle of the city and what does it have to do with climate politics? The film contains the answers to these questions, gives a sneak view into the board rooms of GCA and holds a place for the legendary mayor of Rotterdam: Ahmed Aboutaleb.


Director statement

Floating Office Rotterdam is the main protagonist of the film House of Adaptation and sits at the cross-section of many interests. Depending on the perspective, it can function as a political tool, or an investment object, or an architectural project, or simply as a statement. It mobilises many people and it has a different meaning for each and every one of them. 
With this film we tried to break the singular narrative of this project and give a stage to every one involved in it and edited in four chapters: Intentions, Blueprints, Makers and Result. The aim of our 3 year long effort was to lift the curtain behind the realisation of this project and listen what this might show us about climate-politics, personal ambitions and the joy of building buildings.

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